International UN Peacekeeper’s day.

The International Day of the UN Peacekeeper’s is celebrated on the 29th of May every year. It is celebrated to pay tribute to all the women and men who have served in UN Peacekeeping operations.

History - On 29 May 1948 the first UN peacekeeping mission was established, when the authorization came from the security council for the deployment of a small number of UN military observers to the center east to watch the Armistice agreement between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

The Theme for 2020 - As the adoption of UNSCR1325 on women, peace and security mark the 20th anniversary this year, the theme for peacekeeper’s day 2020 is “Women in Peacekeeping”- A key to Peace.

The objective - Through a UNSCR1325 resolution, the motive behind this theme is to expand women’s role and contribution in its operations by promoting the participation of women, both in peacekeeping and societies in which they serve.

The COVID-19 Challenge - Facing a tough challenge in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic, peacekeepers are assisting governments and local communities and are continuing to execute their mandates, including protecting vulnerable communities.

Stats - More than 1 million men and women across the world have served in 72 UN Peacekeeping operations, saving countless lives. With more than 6700 troops and police, India is the fourth-highest among troop-contributing countries.

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