Know it All: Day-Wise Symptoms of Covid-19

The covid-19 virus targets the respiratory system and further deteriorates the overall immunity of the individual. Its symptoms can range from mild to severe and there are times where the person infected can be completely asymptomatic.

With the second wave in progress, it is important to understand the common symptoms and make sure to take necessary precautions in time. The most common early signs include:

  • Fever

Now, we have an idea about the early symptoms. However, here is a detailed day-wise guide on how the covid-19 virus develops as the symptoms increase and change. Let’s have a look!

Day 1→ Individuals catch fever along with fatigue, dry cough, and muscle pain. There can be rare cases of diarrhea and nausea, too.

Day 2 – 4→ The fever remains constant along with the dry cough.

Day 5→ Breathing difficulty begins on day 5. It is especially likely to happen if the person has a preexisting chronic condition.

Day 6→ All the three symptoms i.e. breathing difficulty, fever, and dry cough remain constant. There are chances of feeling tightness in the chest.

Day 7→ The symptoms on this day are elevated and thus medical hospitalization is followed. However, lesser symptoms do not require hospitalization.

Day 8→ Patients with severe cases develop acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), an illness that occurs when fluid builds up in the lungs. ARDS is often fatal. At this stage, the SpO2 level tends to drop under 94 which makes the patient struggle for oxygen.

Day 10→ If breathing difficulties worsen, it is on this day that patients who are in the hospital will tend to enter the intensive care unit. In this case, there is a chance of the SpO2 levels falling under 90 which is critical.

Day 12→ For most patients, it is this day that the fever subsides leaving behind the dry cough.

Day 13–14→ On these days, breathing difficulties will begin to subside and you will start feeling better along with your SpO2 levels retaining normal range.

Day 17- 18→ By this time, one can safely abode home as the recovery has been established and the SpO2 levels can range between 94–100 which is considered normal and healthy. In the case of fatality, the average onset of the virus is 18 and half days.

This list has been curated with the most number of cases following the same pattern. There is a high likelihood that the onset of the first symptom can differ from person to person. The people who contract the infection without showing symptoms may show them in a course of 5–6 days.

However, it is important to take the necessary precautionary measures i.e. maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, washing your hands frequently, avoiding touching, and getting vaccinated. It is advisable to stay home to stay safe.

The virus may seem strong, but we can fight it, together!

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