Third Wave of Covid-19 in India: Guide to Precautionary Measures

It has been over a year since the coronavirus hit the country. The second wave was by far way more devastating than the first wave of the virus. The main reason for this was the infectiousness of coronavirus was much more, giving rise to an exponential increase in the number of cases and even an oxygen shortage crisis. It was indeed tough to be surpassed, but, we came through.

The entire strive for the vaccination was victorious and it remains the only hope against the covid-19 pandemic. In India, slowly and steadily every individual is acquiring the vaccine proving that there is hope for a better future. However, in recent times, experts have stated that a third wave of the pandemic in India is already on the way.

The third wave of COVID-19 might be even more dangerous than the two previous ones. There is also a possibility that children might be more vulnerable as their demographic has largely not been vaccinated yet.

With this news doing the rounds, we must take the right measures at the right time to tackle the third wave. How does one do that? What are the measures to keep in mind? Let’s have a look at the necessary steps to be taken.

  • Avail of the vaccination as soon as possible

The vaccine has proven to reduce the intensity of the infection as well as reduce transmissibility. Not only can it keep you safe, but will also protect your near and dear ones. Anyone who is above 18 years of age is eligible to get the vaccine by registering on any one of the official government portals. Get vaccinated as soon as you get a slot.

  • Continue wearing masks

Whether you are vaccinated and especially if you are not, it is necessary to wear a mask in public. Double masking has also been recommended if your mask does not have enough layers or it is not an N95. Masks provide significant protection against the coronavirus as well as keeps one from spreading it. It is a very important tool to help through the third wave of COVID-19.

  • Stay indoors and maintain social distancing

After the first wave died down for a while, people were out and about without paying attention to social distancing rules. However, to prevent a third wave from becoming more devastating, we must remember not to repeat this mistake. It is essential to not have public gatherings even when you are vaccinated. Not only will this keep you safe, but also stop the spread of the virus.

  • Avoid crowded places and gatherings

Maintain social distancing in public places. Avoid touching people as you may never know who becomes the carrier of the virus. If any person you know is infected, make sure to maintain a distance of six feet. Avoiding mass gatherings will prove to be a huge precaution against the spreading of the virus.

  • Keep washing your hands and carry a sanitizer

Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds. You must clean your hands properly as your hands are exposed and touch various surfaces. Using a hand sanitizer is very essential while handling objects to avoid getting in contact with the virus.

In case, you feel you are experiencing any of the symptoms even if they are mild make sure to:

  • Isolate yourself at the comfort of your home if the symptoms are not severe.

There is no predicted timeline as to when the infection may start. However, it is estimated that now after the second wave, a third wave may start infecting people anytime soon. Thus, it is crucial to have our guards on and not take things lightly. It’s time to get stronger, together we can!

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